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Maxx’s Top Stock for December 2021

7investing Lead Advisor Maxx Chatsko's top stock to buy in December 2021 has just de-risked the entire therapeutic modality of gene therapy -- and Wall Street is entirely misunderstanding the opportunity.

December 1, 2021

Advisor: Maxx Chatsko

Gene therapy is being held back by two major challenges: Strong immune responses to doses and pre-existing immunity to the delivery vehicles used. While investors might think gene therapy is only dosed once because it provides a cure with a single dose, the reality is that patients can only receive a single dose due to safety concerns. Additionally, an estimated 40% of all individuals are ineligible for gene therapy due to pre-existing immunity to the delivery vehicles used.

7investing Lead Advisor Maxx Chatsko’s December 2021 recommendation can potentially address both of these challenges to realize the full potential of gene therapy — for the entire drug industry. Although this emerging approach remains under-the-radar in late 2021, this small-cap stock is aggressively building out a leading technology stack. In fact, the core technology platform is already counted on by four of the world’s largest drug developers.


The potential to make an entire therapeutic modality more valuable.

Hey everyone, I’m 7investing Lead Advisor Maxx Chatsko. I cover biotechnology and renewable energy here at 7investing, where we empower you to invest in your future by giving you our seven best stock market opportunities each and every month, each backed by the domain competence of one of our lead advisors.

All drug developers face development, regulatory, and commercial risks. Development risks are characterized by the fact that most drug candidates never reach market. Regulatory risks are characterized by pushback and delays from health authorities. Commercial risks are characterized by challenges in navigating the competitive landscape.

And if investors considered the entire therapeutic modality of gene therapy, then we might say it’s characterized by healthy amounts of all these risks.

Despite being the oldest genetic medicine and one of the most promising areas of drug development, gene therapy is held back by significant challenges related to immunogenicity — or the fact that the most commonly used tools trigger unwanted immune responses in patients. Immunogenicity is actually the reason most gene therapies can only be dosed once. It’s not because they’re a cure, it’s because they cannot be re-dosed.

My recommendation for December 2021 can potentially address the two biggest obstacles facing gene therapy. It remains an early, under-the-radar opportunity, but increasing the value of an entire therapeutic modality could become very valuable if the company executes.

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