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Maxx’s Top Stock for January 2022

7investing Lead Advisor Maxx Chatsko's top stock to buy in January 2022 is developing a novel technology platform that's well-positioned to address some of the biggest challenges facing gene therapy and genetic medicines broadly.

January 1, 2022

Advisor: Maxx Chatsko

Genetic medicines such as gene therapy, RNAi, mRNA, and gene editing have emphatically captured the imagination of investors in 2021, but there are significant challenges ahead. Drug developers are still grappling with how to effectively deliver therapeutic payloads to specific tissue types or how to administer multiple doses without triggering a patient’s immune system. For example, no company has adequately solved the challenges of delivering genetic medicines to the lungs, which means rare and common diseases such as cystic fibrosis and asthma are off limits to these emerging therapeutic modalities.

7investing Lead Advisor Maxx Chatsko’s January 2022 recommendation is developing a technology platform that’s well-positioned to address some of the biggest challenges in genetic medicines. The company wields pipelines in two tissue types spanning multiple therapeutic modalities. It’s exploring ways to deliver any genetic medicine to additional tissue types, including in ways no other technology platform can accomplish. Importantly, the company is nearing its first-ever FDA approval with a drug candidate that could help an unserved patient population.


Addressing some of the biggest challenges in genetic medicines.

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Genetic medicines such as mRNA, RNAi, and CRISPR gene editing have really captured the imaginations of investors in the last two years. While the excitement is understandable, significant challenges remain.

One of the obstacles that needs to be solved in the next few years is that of delivery. Meaning, how do you effectively and safely deliver a therapeutic payload to a target tissue inside the body? The lungs are a good example. The industry has failed to figure out how to deliver genetic medicines to the lungs for nearly 30 years now!

My recommendation for January 2022 is well positioned to solve some of these challenges in delivery for genetic medicines. It owns a wholly-owned pipeline that spans multiple tissue types and multiple therapeutic modalities. It has all of the pieces in place to form its first collaboration in 2022. It’s also very likely to earn its first FDA approval in 2023 and has already begun preparing commercial operations.

If you want to read my full research report and figure out what this company is, then you know what to do — go to And remember, it’s never too early or too late to start investing in your future.