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Maxx’s Top Stock for January

7investing Lead Advisor Maxx Chatsko's top stock to buy in January 2021 is a small-cap biopharma developing an important technology platform that could increase the value of gene therapies, genetic medicines, and other biologic drugs.

January 1, 2021

Advisor: Maxx Chatsko

We often hear that gene therapies are one-and-done treatments. While that’s technically true today, it’s not because these genetic medicines are wildly effective. It’s because biology doesn’t allow us to re-dose these drugs. Ideally, we’d have that option to drive durable, lasting responses in 100% of patients. These same obstacles make many biologic drugs less effective or keep them on the shelf.

7investing Lead Advisor Maxx Chatsko’s recommendation for January 2021 is developing a technology platform that, if successful, could increase the value of drugs across the biopharmaceutical industry by overcoming this obstacle.

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My top stock to buy in January 2021 – finally – is a small cap company developing a technology platform that potentially addresses one of the most important pain points in biopharmaceuticals.

Hey everyone! I’m 7investing Lead Advisor Maxx Chatsko. Here at 7investing we empower you to invest in your future by giving our seven best stock market opportunities each and every month, each backed by the domain competence by one of our Lead Advisors.

My pick this month is best suited for investors who are seeking growth, who have a long-term mindset, and a big appetite for risk. This is a very risky investment. So this small cap company has had some false starts, it has a very ugly stock chart, but it recently pivoted to refocus on its core technology platform. And I am very intrigued.

So this technology could potentially unlock the full value of various biologic drugs including gene therapies, gene editors such as CRISPR, therapeutic enzymes and even monoclonal antibodies. It has broad potential. The pipeline recently expanded from just one asset to many more and I think it has broad potential. This could be a pipeline that has double digit number of assets within the next few years, maybe even dozens of assets eventually.So it has partnerships with some of the most important companies in the space. They’re very eager to try out this technology. We’re going to get clinical data next year in 2021 to see how well it works. So this is a very early stage investment but I’m intrigued by the data and the partnerships in place and that’s why I’m recommending this company.

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