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Maxx’s Top Stock for November

November 1, 2020 Advisor: Maxx Chatsko

7investing lead advisor Maxx Chatsko’s top stock to buy in November 2020 is an overlooked developer of genetic medicines. With multiple partnerships in place and an unfairly-low market valuation, this biopharma is a compelling long-term investment.

There’s been a lot of excitement about genetic medicines, which give humanity the tools to fix the root cause of disease: defects in the information molecules known as DNA and RNA. While CRISPR gene-editing tools have attracted the lion’s share of the attention among Wall Street, first-generation CRISPR tools have yet to overcome important technical obstacles regarding immune responses, targeted delivery, and standardized dosing.

7investing lead advisor Maxx Chatsko’s recommendation for November 2020 is a developer of genetic medicines that has solved each of these problems. In fact, recent upgrades to the technology platform open up massive market opportunities that first-generation CRISPR won’t be able to touch anytime soon.

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My top stock to buy in November is a developer of genetic medicines that’s getting overlooked by Wall Street. But I think that’s a huge mistake and a huge advantage for investors.

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My top stock in November is a development-stage biopharmaceutical company, which means it’s best-suited for investors who have a long-term mindset, an appetite for risk, and who are seeking growth investments.

Now, my pick is a development-stage, which means it doesn’t have any approved drugs on the market. However, it does have a leading technology platform that has overcome some of the key obstacles facing genetic medicines today. In fact, it has overcome some of the leading technical obstacles that even first-generation CRISPR tools have yet to address.

This company has key technology advantages over other genetic medicines, it has a deep partnership bench, it’s well funded, and it could have its first drug approved by the FDA as soon as 2022. It also has key upgrades to its technology platform just this year that allow it to grow the number of active programs in its pipeline to double-digits within the next several years.

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