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Our Top Stock Picks for August 2023

Our 7investing team reveals its top stock market recommendations for August 2023!

August 1, 2023

Welcome to 7investing in August 2023! We’ve just issued our latest stock recommendations, where we share reports on our favorite opportunities in the stock market with 7investing members. To see all seven reports, please click here to get started with a 7investing membership for only $1, to unlock full access to all of our recommendations and premium content!

Our team has once again chosen a beautifully-diverse mix of companies that stretches across a variety of different industries, risk levels, and sizes:


This Month’s Recommendations

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7investing CEO Simon Erickson and Anirban Mahanti each went with Moderate Risk recommendations this month. Simon believes he’s found a cash compounding machine in the financial services industry who will continue to reward investors through share price appreciation and a rising dividend. Anirban’s health care technology pick is a dominant leader in its field, providing solid growth and steadily expanding its addressable market.

Luke Hallard and Dana Abramovitz both chose High Risk companies. Luke’s found an international e-commerce provider whose recent focus on profitability will greatly benefit shareholders. And Dana’s medical device provider has an incredible product-market fit and excellent customer satisfaction scores.

Krzysztof Piekarski went with a Very High Risk recommendation, who is an up-and-coming biotechnology company who’s funding its new oncology pipeline in a clever and profitable way.

Finally, our 7investing Team issued two re-recommendations: one is a Low Risk Financial Services exchange operator and the other is a Very High Risk Biotechnology innovator.

7investing is a Lifelong Journey

Investing in the stock market is a lifelong journey, and it involves much more than just reading a single month’s reports.

We have built 7investing to be long-term investing advisors, who will help guide you through that journey and to learn which types of stocks are right for you. We purposely make recommendations of all types — from moderate risk to very high risk; from Financial Services to Biotechnology — so that you can find the right fit for your portfolio. And then enjoy reading our recommendation reports, and discussing them with us in our Subscriber Calls and Community Forum to follow along with how they’re doing.

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