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Pulak Prasad on Evolutionary Biology and Investing in India

April 21, 2023

Thank you for your interest in our interview with Pulak Prasad, which was originally titled “What I Learned About Investing From Darwin with Pulak Prasad.”

7investing was fortunate enough to be the very first public-facing interview that Pulak Prasad has done in his professional career. He has politely declined media requests for years, yet he agreed to an interview with us to help promote his new book and to share his incredible investing insights with our audience.

We had a great conversation and published the piece shortly afterward. Yet due to personal reasons, Pulak has decided to step back from a more public presence. He has canceled future interviews with others and also requested that we remove the original content from our site.

We are sincerely grateful for Pulak choosing 7investing to be his first public appearance and we certainly want to respect his wishes. As such, we have taken down the original video interview and our corresponding written piece. We’re thankful for Pulak’s time and we highly recommend his newly-published book.

If you are interested in investing in India, we’d also highly recommend the following podcasts on the subject from our CEO Simon Erickson and lead advisor Matt Cochrane:

  • In the first podcast, Simon and Matt speak with Dhaval Kotecha about how India’s young population and its rising middle class are providing opportunities for digital payments providers and e-commerce platforms.
  • In the second podcast, Ramneek Kundra and Saket Reddy describe India’s large conglomerate, its most important government initiatives, and why U.S. recessions have historically led to booms in India’s stock market.

In each of the conversations, Dhaval, Ramneek, Saket, Simon, and Matt share their favorite stock opportunities in the Indian market.

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