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Steve’s March Outlook: The Coronavirus Won’t Last Forever

While Steve recognizes investors' fears surrounding the coronavirus pandemic are legitimate, he also argues that these are the times when you'll find some of the most attractive buying opportunities our market will ever offer.

March 25, 2020

There’s no denying this is a scary time for investors. While it’s tempting to equate the coronavirus situation with any number of past pandemics and market-disrupting events, it also seems increasingly likely that its scope and resulting negative impact on the global economy over the next several months could prove unprecedented.

But as I’ve also repeatedly reminded folks on social media, investors would do well to remember stock-market drops of this magnitude are more common than you might think. That certainly doesn’t mean we know exactly where the bottom is — nobody can time the market to that end with any reasonable degree of certainty.

We can, however, take solace knowing that this pullback won’t last forever. And I think we can be reasonably certain that many of the high-quality stocks we recommend during this market plunge will, in time, turn out to be some of the highest-returning picks we’ll ever have the privilege of sharing with you. I’m also personally adding to my stakes in many of these companies in the process.

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