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Steve’s Top Stock for April

7investing advisor Steve Symington's Top Stock for April is an underappreciated leader in the fast-growing network infrastructure space.

April 1, 2020

Advisor: Steve Symington

7investing advisor Steve Symington’s Top Stock for April is an “underappreciated leader in the internet infrastructure space.”

He believes as the coronavirus pandemic accelerates the need for enterprises to move to the cloud, this stock will emerge even stronger in the end — as it transitions to an attractive recurring revenue model.


Even as many investors have been rattled in recent weeks by historic volatility in the stock markets, we’re calmly doing what we’ve always done: that’s finding the very best buying opportunities our market has to offer. And I’m confident my team will extend our track record of consistently beating the market’s returns in both good times and bad.

We also recognize that even as the world grapples with the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic, that some industries will emerge stronger in the end. And I’m reaching out to you from the edge of the Bitterroot River in Missoula, Montana. There’s some clouds in the sky. Incidentally, my stock recommendation for April is a relatively small leader in the edge computing and cloud computing spaces.

Now, it’s not a household name yet. But it is uniquely poised to benefit as a growing number of enterprise clients recognize the shortfalls of their legacy network infrastructures as they need to transition to the cloud. The current situation in the markets, I think, will only accelerate that transition. And this company should be able to grab a large slice of the resulting market that’s worth more than $100 billion in the process.

Now, better yet, it is transitioning to a recurring revenue model very rapidly, and that means that in the near term, its revenue growth and profitability temporarily looks weaker than it actually is. That means that many investors and Wall Street analysts are underestimating just how strong this company could become once its recurring model takes shape and starts to take hold. For investors willing to recognize the opportunity that this presents, it could mean outsized gains for years to come.

It doesn’t need to end there either. For just $17, you’ll gain access to our top seven stock picks for the month of April as well as our top seven picks last month, when we launched in the middle of a historic market pullback! And that includes the stock I just recommended.

Just click on the link at the end of this video or go to to learn more.

Again, I’m Steve Symington. We’re 7investing. And we’re here to empower you to invest in your future.

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