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Steve’s Top Stock for January

7investing Lead Advisor Steve Symington's Top Stock for January is a small company working to disrupt a stodgy, entrenched industry worth nearly $300 billion today.

January 1, 2021

Advisor: Steve Symington

As today’s mobile technology only continues to improve, it’s opening the door for innovative newcomers to disrupt large, lucrative industries currently led by entrenched industry incumbents that are either unable to follow suit or content to rest on their laurels.

7investing Lead Advisor Steve Symington’s Top Stock for January is one of these innovative newcomers. It’s currently pushing forward an effective mobile-first strategy to take market share and drive exceptional top-line growth in an industry worth almost $300 billion today. And with its enviable optionality, its total addressable market should prove to be far larger than that over the long term.

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My top stock idea this month is a relatively small company working to disrupt a stodgy, entrenched industry worth nearly $300 billion today. And over the long-term it’s total addressable market should prove to be much larger thanks to its impressive optionality.

I’m 7investing Lead Advisor Steve Symington. We’re here to empower you to invest in your future by providing our top seven stock ideas every month for just $49 per month. Now I live in Montana so normally I like to reach out to you from a snowy mountaintop or a river bank or some other picturesque location, but after what we can all agree was a chaotic 2020 I think it’s only fitting that I kick off the new year greeting you from the relative comfort of my home office.

Now one thing in common every month is that I’ve been filming these videos using the surprisingly good camera in my smartphone. And one of the many things that the last year has taught us is that we can accomplish more than we think using today’s mobile technology. Incidentally, the company that I am recommending this month is pursuing a mobile-first strategy to drive its exceptional growth. And it’s been beaten down in recent months even as the rest of the market has rallied. Now, it will continue to be volatile but I think investors who buy now stand to enjoy outsized gains as the strength of this company becomes more clear.

To gain access to all seven stocks we are recommending this month including the company that I’ve just described, just go to or click the link at the end of this video. Again, I’m Steve Symington, we’re 7investing, and we’re here to empower you to invest in your future!