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Steve’s Top Stock for July 2021

July 1, 2021 Advisor: Steve Symington

It’s not often that a business gives both its customers and shareholders the chance to participate in an exciting new industry with enormous long-term potential. 7investing Lead Advisor Steve Symington’s Top Stock for April 2021 is doing exactly that —  and its current offerings are only the beginning of a longer-term strategy to establish early leadership in this budding market.

This stock has been extraordinarily volatile throughout its tenure as a publicly traded company, and its recent short-term weakness presents a golden opportunity for patient investors to buy and hold.


My top stock idea this month is winning new customers and building a Grand Canyon-sized market opportunity for itself using artificial intelligence.

I’m 7investing Lead Advisor Steve Symington. We’re here to empower you to invest in your future by providing our top seven stock ideas every single month.

My top recommendation this month is using AI to build solutions to problems that many enterprise customers have tried and failed to create themselves. In the process, that means it’s in the early stages of creating an enormous market that will be so huge I think many investors will look back with regret and wonder how they possibly missed it.

Its stock price has also been beaten down in recent months since its IPO, providing you an attractive point of entry.

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