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Steve’s Top Stock for June 2021

June 1, 2021 Advisor: Steve Symington

Despite being worth trillions of dollars each year, one of the world’s largest industries has been largely unaffected by true innovation to date. But that’s beginning to change with the help of AI, data analytics, and mobile technology — all of which are being embraced by the business underlying 7investing Lead Advisor Steve Symington’s top stock for June 2021. This company has built itself from the ground up with technology at its foundations, creating incredible advantages over its larger, stodgy, deeply entrenched competitors.

As this business helps consumers completely rethink how this industry should work in the coming years, its stock — however volatile in the near term — could be poised to deliver outsized returns for early investors for the foreseeable future.


My top stock idea for April is a compelling new business offering consumers and investors a chance to participate in a new industry with massive long-term potential.

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I’m taking a little time this evening to explore some new trails near my home in Missoula, Montana. And the company that I’m recommending our members buy this month is offering its shareholders and customers alike a chance to participate in a brand-new industry with enormous long-term potential. But its current products are just the start of a longer-term strategy to establish a leadership position in this very interesting, high-growth industry.

Now the stock is extraordinarily volatile and shares have been beaten down in recent months. But I think that’s provided investors a chance to step in and potentially create life-changing wealth for themselves in the process.

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