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Steve’s Top Stock for November

7investing advisor Steve Symington's top stock for November is a countercyclical stock disrupting a multi-trillion dollar industry.

November 1, 2020

Advisor: Steve Symington

7investing lead advisor Steve Symington’s Top Stock for November is company who’s seen its business significantly accelerated by the recent COVID pandemic.

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Steve Symington:

My top stock idea this month is having its growth story accelerated by the pandemic.

I’m 7investing lead advisor Steve Symington. We’re here to empower you to invest in your future by providing our top seven stock ideas every month for just $49 per month.

It’s obvious winter has arrived here in Montana where I live. We didn’t even have snow a few days ago but got hit by record snowfall last night, before many of the trees even had a chance to lose their leaves. In the same way that winter’s here a little earlier than expected, the pandemic is accelerating the growth stories of some industries. And that can be a boon for investors who know where to look.

The company that I’m recommending this month is already seeing signs of its growth story playing out sooner than expected. And I think it could be a massive winner for investors who choose to buy now.

To gain access to all seven stocks we are recommending this month, including the stock I just described, just go to or click the link at the end of this video. Again, I’m Steve Symington. We’re here to empower you to invest in your future. We are 7investing!