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Supply Chain Challenges, and What Actually Happens When You Press the BUY Button, with GXO Logistics

June 16, 2022

– By Samantha Bailey

In this episode of the 7investing podcast, Luke connects with Neil Shelton, Chief Strategy Officer for GXO Logistics (NYSE: GXO). Recently added to the Fortune 500 list, GXO ( is the world’s largest pure-play global contract logistics company, providing outsourced supply chain management and warehousing for some of the biggest names in retail, including Abercrombie & Fitch, ASOS, Nestlé, Saks, Salomon, Zara, and many more.

7investing last met with GXO in October 2021, so we’re catching up again today to get a timely update on what’s happening in the world of global supply chains, a topic that’s critical to the health of many of our favourite e-commerce companies. Luke and Neil also chat about warehouse automation and collaborative robotics, how effective reverse logistics is saving us all from drowning in land-fill, and the complexities of providing manufacturing support to customers that range from supermarkets to aeronautics.

Neil Shelton has 25 years of experience in the financial industry with companies that include JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, Citigroup and Arthur Andersen. He has led several research teams to No. 1 rankings, has been regularly ranked No. 1 for specialist sales by Institutional Investor, and has piloted more than 50 equity and initial public offerings. He holds a degree in industrial economics from the University of Nottingham in Great Britain.


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