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The Power of 7investing Slack Discussions

Why Anirban is in love with 7investing’s internal Slack channels.

February 22, 2022

I am an investing nerd.

I love discussing companies, investing ideas, business models, moats, disruptive innovations, and the necessary nuances for successful long-term investing. And the best place to do these things is our internal Slack channels.

We have a channel reserved for 7investing recommendations. It is where we post news items and any thoughts we have on any of the stocks on our scorecard. That channel tends to get busy during earnings season, but I love it. If a company reports and there’s a huge reaction (up or down) to it, then you can bet someone will be all over it, posting links to relevant news items. You can almost be sure that multiple advisors will have a look, and those with competency in the area will be discussing the news. Often these threads go on for a while. It is a fantastic way to learn together, debating and discussing the reports, their nuances, and what it means for the business going forward.

I find these discussions not just stimulating or invigorating. They are my pillar for continually learning. My colleagues could be critical of my recommendations. And when they are critical, it is because they deeply care — about my investing, about your investments, and processes that make all of us better investors.

Our discussions are sometimes fervent, but they are always respectful and polite. They make us better investors by helping us improve our processes. We learn from each others’ strengths. And our goal always is to be the best investors we can become so that we can empower you to invest in your future as best as we can.

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