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The Power of Unbiased Feedback

How our 7investing Deep Dives every month can make us better investors.

February 22, 2022

Of all the processes we have in place as we prepare our monthly recommendations here at 7investing, one I believe is exceedingly valuable to me as an investor is that of presenting our recs to fellow lead advisors during our monthly Deep Dive conversations.

Prior to releasing our top seven stock reports to 7investing members on the 1st of each month, all 7investing Lead Advisors (including myself) prepare presentation slides that elaborate on the most important aspects of the thesis for our chosen stocks that month. These presentations cover everything including (but not limited to) what the company does to how it makes money, total addressable markets and growth opportunities, the management team, valuations, and the most prominent risks involved in buying the stock. Then, after each presentation, every team member is given the opportunity to ask questions, voice concerns, and/or offer their unique perspective on the stock and its underlying business.

I particularly enjoy this process, however, because it not only forces us to formulate a quantifiable thesis and verbalize the bull case for our stocks to the rest of the team, but also allows us to solicit unbiased feedback from our colleagues whether or not they’re familiar with the businesses being presented — both fantastic exercises that help us more deeply understand the stocks and businesses we’re recommending. In many cases, this feedback highlights nuances of the business in ways I may not have considered before. Sometimes it even results in new sections of my reports dedicated to addressing the concerns or points mentioned by other team members. Perhaps unsurprisingly as the number of stocks on our scorecard grows, I often find myself personally revisiting our Deep Dives to refresh my memory on specific points, or as specific catalysts or risks either come to fruition or fail to materialize as we previously discussed.

Of course, if you’re a 7investing member, you’ve probably noticed we publish the video replays of every Deep Dive conversation at the bottom of each of our seven monthly recommendation reports. And for anyone who prefers text rather than video, we also provide our members with individual Deep Dive articles with full transcripts of each report on the 8th of every month for added convenience.

In any case, suffice to say I believe the value and importance of our monthly Deep Dives as an investor — both as it pertains to verbally pitching our monthly top stocks and collecting unbiased feedback from the rest of the team — is crystal clear.

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