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Welcome to 7investing in May!

Our newest stock market recommendations have just been released! Come see the innovative new stocks our team has picked, as well as some exciting new content coming up in May.

May 1, 2022

Happy May Day!

Our team of seven lead advisors has just published our favorite stock market recommendations to 7investing.com. To unlock the recommendation reports and see our incredibly thorough analysis and team discussions, please visit our Subscribe Page to immediately get up-and-running with 7investing today.

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This month, we chose a digital advertising innovator, a leader in DNA synthesis, a company primed to win in the Metaverse, and many more! We also re-recommended several of our favorite existing picks, including a Brazilian FinTech company or a leader in using AI for lending. Come take a look at our newest picks!

7investing’s mission is to empower you to invest in your future! We believe individuals have a huge advantage over institutions when it comes to investing, as we can invest into companies of any size, market style, or investing strategy.

We provide seven recommendations every month — a “full buffet” of investing options to choose from — and we encourage our members to choose whichever picks may be the best fit for them. We put real-money into every one of our picks, and we transparently disclose their returns in real-time on our Recommendations Page.

We also have an exciting calendar of upcoming events in May! 7investing lead advisor Simon Erickson will be chatting with Puru Saxena about several technical indicators he is looking at that suggest a market turnaround might be on the horizon. Luke Hallard will be providing an overview of one of the market’s most popular sectors in his upcoming livestream “Investing in Software-as-a-Service.” Simon and Luke will be interviewing PubMatic (Nasdaq: PUBM) CEO Rajeev Goel about changes taking place in digital advertising. And all advisors will together reveal their favorite picks on our scorecard in our mid-month Subscriber Call, which will take place on the morning of Friday, May 13th.

We hope you enjoy our latest recommendations and our upcoming calendar of events. We’d also love to talk stocks with you in our 7investing Community Forum, which is entirely free to join and now has more than 1,000 members. Have a great May!

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