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Welcome to 7investing in October!

7investing's October recommendations are now live! Come take a look at the 7 stocks our advisors have chosen as their favorite opportunities in the market this month.

October 3, 2022

Welcome to 7investing in October! Our stock recommendation reports have just gone live, and we’d love you to see all of them by setting up a new 7investing membership today! (Pro tip: Click right here to immediately save 25% off our annual option, which will apply for as long as you remain an active member.)

This month, our team split the difference between lower-risk mega-caps (i.e. companies with a market cap of greater than $1 trillion) and higher-risk mid-caps (between $10 billion to $50 billion):

This Month’s Recommendations

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7investing advisors Matt Cochrane and Anirban Mahanti both got an opportunity to re-recommended some of their favorite Moderate Risk companies this month. They cited that their valuations were “simply too cheap” right now, especially when considering their incredible cash flow generation.

Luke Hallard also went with a re-recommendation this month, with a higher-risk Health Care Technology company. While the business is still relatively young (less than 15 years old), its execution has been flawless and its revenue growth has taken off in recent years.

Dana Abramovitz, Krzysztof Piekarski, and Steve Symington all found High Risk opportunities in Health Care Technology, Enterprise Software, and Financial Services, respectively. These companies are each building platforms in their respective fields, which are growing at impressive rates and quickly gaining a critical mass of users.

And finally, Simon Erickson took a swing for the fences with a Very High Risk Biotechnology recommendation. He believes this company is disrupting the way personalized medicines are being developed and is setting the scene for multibagger potential.

7investing is a Lifelong Journey

Investing is the stock market is a lifelong journey, and it involves much more than just reading a single month’s reports.

We have built 7investing to be long-term investing advisors, who will help guide you through that journey and to learn which types of stocks are right for you. We purposely make recommendations of all types — from moderate risk to very high risk; from Financial Services to Biotechnology — so that you can find the right fit for your portfolio. And then enjoy reading our recommendation reports, and discussing them with us in our Subscriber Calls and Community Forum to follow along with how they’re doing.

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