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Which Great Investments Also Bring You Joy as a Customer?

There are stocks we own where we are also very happy customers.

October 19, 2021

Some investors value personal experience more than others. You can certainly own a stock where you don’t like or use the product. You may believe it’s an excellent company with strong products but you may not be the customer. In other cases, you might buy shares of a company that you’re simply not going to have a lot of personal experience with.

When you own a part of a company that brings you joy, however, that can be truly special. You’re not just a shareholder but you’re also a customer. That gives you a special perspective and helps you stay tuned into when a company may be making smart moves or when it may be losing its way.

Of course, loving a company’s product or being a happy customer does not mean that you should buy shares. There are lots of products that are well-liked from companies that are terrible. On the Oct. 15 edition of “7investing Now,” Steve Symington, Matt Cochrane, and Simon Erickson joined Dan Kline to each share one company that they own shares of that also brings them joy as a customer.

A full transcript follows the video.

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So I wanted to ask everyone what stock do they own that brings them the most joy as an investor meaning they like what the company is doing and as a personn? Meaning they like the product

And I’m gonna go first because I’m not sure how much prep time everybody had. Because we just did our members only call if you are not a member, the members only call is worth the price of admission alone. But I’m gonna say for me, it’s Royal Caribbean (NYSE: RCL), that is a stock I really like because as I’ve watched them get through the pandemic and open up new ports, they’ve purchased some land in different places they’ve done some some really smart things that are going to advance their business they’ve used the lower capacity during the pandemic to try out some new things and figure out some experiences that are going to do really well so that is a business I really really like.

And as a customer There is nothing more joyful than going away for four or five days stopping in a couple of islands meeting new friends. So that is a company that brings me joy as a business and joy in my personal life. I will throw it to Steve we will go around the room in order.

Steve Symington  2:50  Oh man, I’d say it’s a toss-up between iRobot (NASDAQ: IRBT) which I would love my Roomba I love our Brava right for cleaning the floors haven’t vacuumed our floors in like a decade. Also owned the stock for more than that. Or maybe if we’re thrown out a bonus pick. Not Apple but Universal Display (NASDAQ: OLED) $OLED is the ticker, right? This is an OLED display on my phone I mean you got to give him credit for that. So that’s another stuff

Dan Kline  3:23  I like the fact that it’s not Apple who put the whole phone together it’s just the display.

Steve Symington  3:28  The display and a plus the fact that I’ve had that stock in my portfolio for more than 10 years and and it’s done quite well so yeah, I’d say those are my top two.

Dan Kline  3:39  I’m curious Maxx Chatsko if you have an answer here because you play in a space that if you haven’t been afflicted by you know certain things you’re not getting a lot of joy out of biotech companies. But of course your investments are not limited to that area. So you don’t have an answer. That’s great. But if you do I would like to hear it now.

Maxx Chatsko  3:56  Yeah, really, I mean there’s not many things that bring me joy in life Dan. And so that’s the reason that I can’t answer this question. Now thankfully I don’t have to take any of the products from my companies that I own in terms of drug developers, I own some energy companies you know some utilities and things I’m thankful for electricity and lightbulbs all that good stuff. I actually did buy a starter position in one of your recent recommendations in the cannabis space haven’t used their products yet but interested in that whenever I get to its city or town where they’re at so

Dan Kline  4:28  Sure you haven’t. Simon Erickson as far as you know as the boss Maxx is absolutely not used any of those products. Simon?

Simon Erickson  4:36  I think we need to expose him to you as often as possible. And if he’s not getting too many things that bring him joy and life we just need to put him on the show more often. For me my particular company would be Chipotle (NYSE: CMG) I love eating there every time. It’s even even more fun when you go with your kids because then you get to see how much they love it so I that’s that’s my pitch $CMG.

Dan Kline  4:55  Chipotle is weirdly universal. My son loves it too. Matt Cochrane what is it for you?

Matt Cochrane  5:02  Probably Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN). I don’t have to leave the house. I can just order things that works for me.

Dan Kline  5:07  Matt ordering nothing but Snuggies from Amazon.

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