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Tesla’s Adding Production Capacity

I took a look this morning a how quickly Tesla’s been ramping up its electric vehicle global production. Simply amazing that it’s increased deliveries of its Model 3 from zilch five years ago to 300,000+ per quarter today. Elon knows how to execute!

There was something else I found interesting too. With all of the expansion during the past year at its Shanghai, Berlin, and Austin Gigafactories (Hook ’em!), Tesla is now producing at only 54% of its capacity for its Model 3 & Model Y. If it were to reach 100% utilization — meaning it can churn out all of the vehicles it’s currently capable of — it could be manufacturing 1.8 million Model 3/Y cars per year.

The Takeaway = There’s about to be a lot more Teslas on the road in the years ahead. Buckle up.