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7 FAQs: “Does 7investing Offer Discounted or Promotional Rates?”

March 1, 2020

You’ve asked us some great questions, and here are our answers! We’ve pulled together your most-asked questions into our new “7 Most Common Questions” article series.

Many prospective subscribers ask us if we offer steeply discounted promotional rates similar to those used by some other competitive stock-picking services. 

The short answer: No. 7investing does not offer promotional rates that go up after a set period of time.

The longer answer: We don’t offer promotions. But keep in mind the price of our monthly subscription is only $17. And our recently introduced no-risk annual subscription option costs $170 – essentially giving you two months free if you stick around for the entire 12-month subscription period.

Perspective is in order

To be fair, that’s about the same amount as some popular online video-streaming or music services. And many investors spent more each month on trading commissions before most large online brokerages cut them to $0 last year.

Put simply, we’re avoiding the common practice in our industry of making steep promotions “a thing.” We want to ensure our pricing is always consistent, predictable, and most importantly won’t ever increase. This also means your 7investing subscription won’t surprise you by renewing at a significantly higher rate after an initial promotional period has expired.

Instead, we’ve priced 7investing at a point we believe is simultaneously affordable and provides significant value to as many investors as possible. We might be biased, but between our…

  • 7 top stock ideas per month
  • ongoing coverage for those stocks from a team of advisors with long track records of beating the market
  • no gimmicks
  • no emotional marketing language,
  • and no copywriters authoring reports for the analysts who actually made the stock picks in the first place

…we think $17 per month for a 7investing subscription is arguably the best deal on the internet today.

Saving (and making) you money

That said, on the heels of our new annual subscription option, there is another way you can save money on your 7investing subscription!

Once you’re an active subscriber, for example, you can take advantage of our recently launched referral program, which not only gives you a free month of membership for each successful new subscriber you refer, but also saves your referred friends $10 on their first order! And there’s no limit to the number of referrals you can receive; if you refer 12 new friends to 7investing, you’ll receive a full year of membership for free! Refer 120 friends? That’s 10 years of 7investing membership at no cost to you!

Once you become a 7investing subscriber yourself, you can find and share your custom referral link through your My Account landing page.

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