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7 FAQs: “Which 7investing Stocks Are Best for Me Now?”

March 1, 2020

This article was updated on February 24, 2021

You’ve asked us some great questions, and here are our answers! We’ve pulled together your most-asked questions into our new “7 Most Common Questions” article series.

The short answer: We have scores of evergreen stock ideas contained on our official recommendations scorecard. It might seem overwhelming at first, but it’s easier than you think to narrow this growing list of stocks to find the best ones to suit your individual investing goals.

The longer answer: So you’ve decided investing in stocks is worth your while. And you’re a current 7investing subscriber with access to our 7 top stock ideas every month.

Sometimes, however, we receive questions from subscribers at this point about how to best narrow down our ever-growing list of stock recommendations. For a few tips on finding the ones that best meet your needs, keep reading below…

A full gamut of market-beating stock recommendations

After all, even though we only “just” launched 7investing in March 2020, we already have dozens and dozens of timely stock recommendations under our belt for you to sift through.

Moreover, those stock picks are up an average of more than 66% so far, beating the S&P 500 by a whopping 44 percentage points as of this writing:

7investing returns as of February 24, 2021

So how can you possibly decide which stock recommendations to buy now, and in particular which are the best fit for your portfolio?

We suggest starting with our most recent month’s recommendations, which are displayed both on the left-hand sidebar of the 7investing.com homepage and at the top of our recommendations table. These are the stock picks our advisors have deemed their top stock ideas for the current month.

In addition — on the third Friday of every month — we now hold subscriber-only Zoom calls during which our entire team of advisors not only provides updates on several of our past recommendations, but also names the existing stocks on our scorecard that they believe offer the most compelling buying opportunities at that time. We typically send out the registration links to existing 7investing members for these subscriber-only Zoom calls one week in advance, and new subscribers receive their invites to the current month’s call in their welcome email after subscribing for the first time.

That said, we also keep in mind that not every type of stock appeals to every investor. Some investors might love high-growth, high-risk stocks, for example, while others might favor more steady dividend-payers to pad their income with quarterly dividend checks. Or perhaps you’re looking for value stocks or international opportunities. 

Whatever your flavor of preferred equities, between the distinct investing approaches and types of stocks embraced by our individual advisors, we’ve provided the full gamut of stock possibilities so far among our recommendations, giving all investors attractive portfolio candidates to suit their needs.

The view from the top

So as you peruse our recommendations, you’ll note a few things that might be of use to this end right near the top of our official reports.

Note the flipboards near the top of each report, for example, that prominently display and (when you hover over) describe our recommendations’ risk profiles (from low risk to moderate, high, or very high), investment style (growth, value, income, or international), and industry.

In addition, near the top of our recommendations table are several dropdowns enabling logged-in subscribers to filter our recommendations by Advisor, Date, Industry, Investment Style, and Risk Level. You can further sort the table by everything from date to advisor, daily change, current value, and total returns (both relative to the S&P 500 and on an absolute basis).

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