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Austin’s Top Stock for December

7investing advisor Austin Lieberman's Top Stock for December is a retailer with a differentiated business model that doesn’t require them to compete on price.

December 1, 2020

Advisor: Austin Lieberman

In 2020, eCommerce has grown from 12% to roughly 20% of all retail sales in the United States.

Although shares of 7investing lead advisor Austin Lieberman’s Top Stock for December are up more than 1,300% over the last three years, the company is still valued at a discount to its competitors even though it has best in class operating metrics. This combination provides investors a great opportunity to buy shares while this company is still in the early stages of its growth story.

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One of the secrets of being a great investor is to find great stocks, buy them, and add more as the underlying business shows strength. My best idea in the stock market for December 2020 is a re-recommendation from a stock that we’ve already recommended to our subscribers that’s already up 150% since we recommended it in May.

I’m 7investing Lead Investor Austin Lieberman. Here at 7investing, we provide our 7 best ideas in the stock market each month to subscribers for just $17. Over the last three years, shares of the company I’m recommending this month are up more than 1,300%. The company is a clear industry leader, it’s adapted its business incredibly well to Covid-19, and in my opinion, it’s still misunderstood by Wall Street, which leaves it trading at a significant discount to some of its competitors, even though its business is operating better by almost every metric.

This company is more than fifteen years old, it’s profitable, and it has an extremely strong balance sheet. But in my opinion, it’s like a startup in a lot of aspects. Covid-19 has been an inflection point for the business, and I believe we’re in the early innings of Wall Street realizing the true strength of its platform. This is why I believe the stock will continue significantly outperforming the market as its valuation catches up to the fundamentals of the business.

To see the name of the company I’m recommending and get access to my full report, click the link at the bottom of this video, and start your journey with 7investing.

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