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Dan’s Top Stock for April 2021

7investing Lead Advisor Dan Kline’s Top Stock for April came through the pandemic with an even stronger, more engaged customer base.

April 1, 2021

Advisor: Daniel Kline

Retail may not be the sexiest space — you won’t see a company’s share price triple in a quarter — but the big winners have become increasingly dominant. The pandemic reinforced that highlighting the value of great management and strong customer engagement.

This company has been a steady winner that gets stronger every quarter. It’s a simple business model that gives the brand a powerful base from which to grow upon.

There’s every reason to believe that 7investing Lead Advisor Dan Kline’s Top Stock for April will continue to grow as the pandemic slowly becomes something that’s in the past not the present. This brand has shown it has the ability to appeal to consumers no matter what shape the economy is in and that bodes incredibly well for its future.


My stock pick this month might be my favorite holding. It’s a big company that’s proven its worth during the pandemic. This isn’t a risky tech darling or a startup that might skyrocket or which could crash and burn. It’s a proven winner that can be a foundational piece of your portfolio.

I’m Dan Kline, lead advisor for 7investing. My pick for April has shown that it’s possible to build recurring, predictable revenue even when you’re not a tech company. This business has incredibly loyal customers and you can argue that the pandemic has strengthened those bonds. This is a brand that wins no matter what happens in the economy. It’s a destination for its customers. And it provides both useful services and a fair bit of fun. This chain also offers steady growth, while also consistently returning cash to shareholders.

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