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Dan’s Top Stock for November

7investing lead advisor Dan Kline’s Top Stock for November has no debt, can fund its own expansion, and has plans to triple in size.

November 1, 2020

Advisor: Daniel Kline

Not all stocks need to rocket to the moon. Companies who understand and execute their business well can also turn out to be incredibly investments over time.

7investing lead advisor Dan Kline’s Top Stock for November is exactly such a company. Its dedicated customer base and methodical expansion plans make it an under-followed stock that investors should be excited about.

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Everyone wants to find the next hot new tech stock. It’s easy to see why, when shares of companies that do well in that space can see their prices double, triple or even more in a short period of time.

Not all winners have to rocket to the moon. It’s important to own companies that understand and execute their business incredibly well, growing steadily and reliably.

I’m Dan Kline, lead advisor for 7investing. Part of my investing strategy involves finding companies that have major long term growth ahead of them in a predictable way. These aren’t speculative picks, or companies that need things to go right for them, or some big shift in consumer behavior to achieve success. These are proven winners with a successful model that can be steadily expanded. You won’t see a lot of talk on social media about companies like this. Reliable isn’t as exciting as whatever the next big thing might be. But that doesn’t mean you should not want reliable in your portfolio. Think of it like a car. Sure, you can buy a broken down performance car that needs a lot of work. And maybe you’ll end up with something awesome. Or maybe you’ll end up stuck on the side of the road by a reliable car and your trip may not be as exciting, but it’s much more likely you reach your destination.

When you hear my pick, you probably won’t jump out of your chair in excitement. You might not even know what it is, depending where you live. And you probably don’t have a position in the company. But when you hear its fundamentals, its cash position and its proven growth strategy, you’re going to get excited quickly.

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