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Deep-Diving is More Fun With a Team

Simon shares why the 7investing "Deep Dives" are the most valuable part of his monthly research process.

February 22, 2022

The term “personal computer” should really just refer to our own mind. Our brain computes based upon the inputs we provide it. At a basic level, that’s understanding our senses of sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch.

From a deeper perspective, we also invest making decisions based upon the inputs we obtain. The stock market is a complex place filled with tons of information. If we’re only looking at one type of data — be it stock charts, valuations, profit margins, or management — we’re missing out on a lot of other important factors.

That’s why my favorite part of our 7investing process is our team’s Deep Dive conversations. They are a great way to expand our peripheral vision.

In these, all seven of our lead advisors powwow each month to talk about our favorite stock ideas. One advisor pitches their top stock in a formal presentation, while all others ask questions in the subsequent Q&A.

I find each of these conversations to be fascinating. Everyone on our team has an impressive professional background. So not only do I get to learn about a ton of topics I might never have dived into by myself — such as biotechnology, cross-border payments, or machine learning. But I also love to hear from our team’s diversity of viewpoints as investors.

We all think about the stock market very differently. Having six counterpoints who ask questions about each stock idea is a fantastic way to expose the blind spots and potential risks you might have missed while flying solo.

I enjoy these every month, and I find them to be my favorite part of our monthly research process.

We recently shared two of our team’s Deep Dive conversations — for Dicerna Pharmaceuticals and for Castlight Health. Both of these companies recently got acquired in all-cash offers, so we’re using that opportunity to open up our research reports to the public.

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