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Investing for Beginners with Dave Ahern

7investing CEO Simon Erickson speaks with Investing for Beginners podcast host Dave Ahern about several important lessons for those new to investing in the stock market.

August 9, 2023 – By Simon Erickson

For those new to investing, the stock market might seem like a huge, complex, and intimidating place. What’s the best way to get started?

The Investing for Beginners podcast aims to simplify the language of money. Its mission is to better understand what’s going on in the market, to help individual compound money over time.

In today’s podcast conversation, 7investing CEO chats with IFB co-host Dave Ahern about the best ways to get started with investing. Dave shares his personal background and what led him to stocks, as well as several of the most important things he’s learned along the journey.

In the middle segment of the program, Dave describes three traps that newer investors (including his former self) tend to fall into — as well as how to proactively avoid them. The two then describe why Visa (NYSE: V) is one of Dave’s highest-conviction stock ideas and why Novo Nordisk (NYSE: NVO) is on his radar.

Publicly-traded companies mentioned in this podcast include Intel, Mastercard, MercadoLibre, Novo Nordisk, PayPal, Visa, and Wells Fargo. 7investing’s advisors and/or its guests may have positions in the companies that are mentioned.

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