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Podcast #12: Investing in Tech with Beth Kindig

Advisor: Simon Erickson

These days, every company is a technology company.

From clothing retailers to car dealers to pizza, every company in every industry has now embraced the internet and mobile as a way to expand their business and reach new customers.

But there’s a new wave of technology rolling in, with cloud computing and artificial intelligence offering ways to improve their digital presence and optimize their business operations. This will likely provide an opportunity for the companies who are fully-committed to their digital presence to gain share on their competitors who are not.

As investors, how can we benefit from these new waves of innovation? Are there tech companies who are enabling these market changes or companies who adopt them — who could turn out to be incredible long-term investments?

I posed those questions to veteran Silicon Valley tech analyst Beth Kindig. Beth has her pulse on the tech world’s most innovative companies, and is well-aware of what investors should watch to benefit from the changes taking shape in multiple markets.

In an exclusive interview with 7investing, Beth describes her “micro trends” investment philosophy and why she’s especially interested in cloud computing. She also explains how investors should think about valuation for tech companies, and why the actions of developers are so important.

Beth also describes the importance of Product-Market Fit, what attracts her so much to Roku, and why Connectivity is something that investors should be paying attention to.

Interview timestamps:

0:00 – Introduction: Beth’s “micro trend” investing philosophy

3:00 – Valuation for cloud computing companies

7:56 – Net Retention Rate metrics and Slack

9:28 – Product-Market Fit and Investing Internationally

11:07 – Venture Capital and the Current IPO Market

16:17 – The Importance of Developers: “Bottoms Up” Investing

18:50 – Roku and the Shift to Digital Advertising

24:36 – Trends Investors Should be Watching: Connectivity and Chipmakers

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Publicly-traded companies mentioned in this interview include Zoom Video Communications, Slack, Okta, DocuSign, Pinterest, Facebook, Uber, Softbank, Alphabet, Roku, Amazon, Netflix, and The Trade Desk. 7investing’s advisors and/or guests may have positions in the companies that are mentioned.

This interview was originally recorded on June 2, 2020 and was first published on June 9, 2020.

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