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Simon’s Top Stock for April

7investing advisor Simon Erickson's Top Stock for April is a global travel leader that's selling at a bargain price.

April 1, 2020

Advisor: Simon Erickson

The recent market volatility is causing some incredible bargains to emerge in the market’s most beaten-down sectors. 7investing advisor Simon Erickson believes that a global leader in the travel industry is an especially-compelling opportunity for investors this month.


Simon Erickson: I’m 7investing advisor Simon Erickson. Here at 7investing, our team finds our seven favorite stock market opportunities and we provide them for just $49 per month.

There’s been significant stock market volatility lately, which is great news for long-term investors, because there’s bargains beginning to emerge in the market’s most beaten-down sectors.

And no sector is more beaten-down right now than the travel industry. My top stock idea for April is an established, international leader in the travel space, and its undervalued stock price is a great opportunity for patient, long-term investors.

[Video of an airplane flying internationally, which later displays “April Official Recommendation”]

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, absolutely no one is thinking about business travel of personal vacations right now. Passenger flights, hotel room reservations, and entertainment in general are all really struggling and hitting multi-year lows.

But things aren’t going to be like this forever. And now is a great time to buy into an established market leader who’s poised to bounce back even stronger when things return to normal.

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