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Simon’s Top Stock for June 2022

7investing Lead Advisor Simon Erickson’s top stock to buy in June 2022 has “some of the strongest competitive advantages he’s ever seen” in a publicly-traded company.

June 1, 2022

If I say the words “competitive advantage”, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

  • Is it switching costs, where customers get ‘locked in’ to using your products and would have a tough time switching to someone else?
  • Is it pricing power, where the company would have no problem raising its prices and boosting its margins?
  • Is it intellectual property, where the company has exclusive access to something important that its competitors do not?

7investing Lead Advisor Simon Erickson’s June 2022 recommendation benefits from all three of these – providing it with some of the strongest competitive advantages he’s ever seen in a publicly-traded company. Coupled with a fast-growing market and tenured leadership, it’s a compounding machine that could be a great fit for any long-term portfolio.


It’s very rare to get a fantastic company for a fantastic price. 

The stock market usually recognizes excellence and prices it at a premium. That means great companies are often “overvalued” and have high expectations already baked in.

Yet there’s a rare opportunity presenting itself for investors this month. I’m 7investing lead advisor Simon Erickson. My Top Stock for June 2022 has some of the strongest competitive advantages of any publicly-traded company. But due to recent market volatility, it’s now selling at a completely undervalued price.

My colleague Matt Cochrane does a great job explaining this month about competitive “moats”. A competitive “moat” protects a business from others who try to mimic its success. Just like water surrounding a castle, a moat is what locks in a company’s revenues and profits and ensures its long-term survival.

The company I’m recommending this month has one of the strongest competitive moats I’ve ever seen – it’s deep, wide, and filled with alligators! It’s one of the few companies who can claim to have more than 50% global market share in its industry and forty years of operating history.

That’s allowed it to optimize its craft and now gush cash flows. By reinvesting those cash flows back into the business — it’s building the walls even higher and making it nearly impossible for anyone to storm this castle.

To see the name of the company that I’m recommending, simply visit or click on the link at the end of this video to get started with 7investing today. You’ll get access to not only my report, but also all seven of our favorite ideas in the stock market each and every month. 

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