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Simon’s Top Stock for May 2022

7investing Lead Advisor Simon Erickson’s top stock to buy in May 2022 is an innovator in digital advertising.

May 1, 2022

The majority of the content published on the internet is still free. The operating costs associated with journalism, television, and music can largely thank advertisers for helping them pick up their operational tab every month.

Yet the internet’s free advertising model has some serious problems arising. Privacy concerns are emerging within social media sites, while walled gardens are accused of hoarding data and setting opaque pricing.

7investing Lead Advisor Simon Erickson’s May 2022 recommendation is a trailblazing innovator of the digital advertising world. Its unique approach to solving several of the internet’s most pressing problems is winning the favor of advertisers, content publishers, and investors.


The world of digital advertising is becoming a pretty complicated place! 

Companies are no longer just using low budget billboards to try to get companies and others to sign up for their products. Instead, they’re using a more programmatic approach, placing advertisements on internet websites, into podcasts, or even into connected television stations. 

However, perhaps things are getting a little too complicated lately. 

It’s estimated that for every dollar of advertising spent, there are now digital middlemen who are capturing more than 50% of that ad spend in their own take rates for placing those transactions. 

Isn’t there a more efficient way to do advertising over the internet? 

I’m 7investing lead advisor Simon Erickson. My top stock for May of 2022 is a company that’s improving the efficiency of both advertisers and publishers in the digital ad world. 

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