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Simon’s Top Stock for November

7investing advisor Simon Erickson's Top Stock for November is combining Big Data, artificial intelligence, and security to enable businesses to make crucial decisions.

November 1, 2020

Advisor: Simon Erickson

We’ve made some incredible progress with technology, but we’re still running into a lot of issues.

Cybersecurity, cloud computing, and personalized medicine have all been revolutionary breakthroughs. But we’re still seeing high-profile data breaches, unnecessary and redundant cloud spending, and America’s health outcomes still trailing other developed nations. 

7investing lead advisor Simon Erickson’s Top Stock for November was created to help large organizations embrace innovation. Businesses are lining up to get access to its consolidated platform, which will reward early investors for years to come.

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Simon Erickson 

The need for artificial intelligence is the greatest when the stakes are the highest. Hospitals need to find why it is that their patients are fundamentally getting sick so they can determine the most optimal way to treat them, and factories and airlines need to sift through billions of operational data points so they can find the outliers which are predictive of potentially dangerous safety incidents.

But rather than just producing a flood of more information, what companies really need is to dig out the insights that will help them to make the crucial decisions.

I’m 7investing lead advisor Simon Erickson. And the company that I’m recommending this month has cracked those data codes to help the world’s most complex organizations.

We’ve seen the number of AI use cases shoot to the moon in recent years. But there are actually very few companies who are doing it well. And the reason being: bad data inputs are leading those AI engines to make bad data decisions.

However, the company that is my Top Stock for November is the uncontested leader in aggregating, normalizing, and interpreting operational data. Its solution is extremely high in demand right now, which is causing its profitability to soar as the business world lines up in droves to deploy its unique solution.

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