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Simon’s Top Stock for January 2022

7investing Lead Advisor Simon Erickson’s top stock to buy in January 2022 is a global market leader with strong competitive advantages. Investors are getting a rare opportunity to buy it at an attractive valuation.

January 1, 2022

Advisor: Simon Erickson

The market’s been going through some recent volatility, meaning it’s a great time to go hunting for quality!

Several fantastic companies with strong competitive advantages are seeing their stock prices get sent to the bargain bin. This is a unique opportunity for long-term investors to buy the very best companies at excellent prices.

7investing lead advisor Simon Erickson’s Top Stock for January 2022 is exactly that type of company. He has identified a market leader that has built sustainable competitive advantages for the past two decades. This has rewarded it with a trustable brand that customers are flocking to.

With a competitive moat that is both deep and wide, it seems well-poised to provide outsized investment returns for decades.


If you’ve invested in stocks this year, you’ve noticed that it’s been a bumpy ride lately. We’re undergoing significant market volatility, which means the stock prices of even high quality companies are being either thrown out with the bathwater or placed into the bargain bin.

But that’s a unique opportunity for us as long term investors: to go hunting for quality and for excellent companies.

I’m 7investing lead advisor Simon Erickson and my top stock for January 2022 is an innovative market leader, whose stock price is right now an excellent opportunity for investors.

We talk quite a bit about competitive moats. Qualitatively, this is what protects the castle and everything inside of it, shielding a company from its competitors who might try to steal away its market share. But it’s even more important to measure a company’s competitive moat quantitatively. That is, to identify the important operating metrics and then track that it’s performing admirably where it really counts the most.

My recommendation this month is exactly that type of company. Qualitatively, it’s going after the right things in a lucrative and very large addressable market. Quantitatively, it’s got the operating metrics to back it up and show that it knows its stuff. Together, this combines for a competitive moat that is both deep and wide.

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